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What are the most common life insurance settlement situations?

   The Sale of a Business or Illiquid Asset
  Business Owner Retiring or Exiting the Business
  A Decline in Estate Value and/or Decrease in Estate Tax Liability
  Term Policies or Riders That Are About to Expire, Lose Their Conversion Privilege,
  or Come to the End of Their Current Premium Guarantee.
  The Policy Is No Longer Affordable Due to Policy Performance
  Chronic Illness  

W​hat types of policies can qualify for a life insurance settlement?

  Universal Life
  Whole Life
  Second- to- Die
  Group, If Convertible

How can the proceeds from a life insurance settlement be used?

  Create Capital for Charitable Giving
  Supplement Income
  Fund Investments
  Provide for Educational Funds or Current Gifts
  Create Capital for Business Opportunities
  Pay for Medical Services
  Lower Debt
  Purchase Annuities
  Save for Long-Term Care
  ANYTHING - the Proceeds Are Unrestricted

How do investors determine how much they will pay for a policy?​

Each client and situation are unique, as are each investor group's objectives.   There are many factors used to determine the value of a policy, but the basics are:
  Health History
  Policy Face Value
  Type of Policy
  Policy Loans
  And more...

How long does the process take?​

Typically, the entire process from application to completion can take 2 - 4 months.  It can take 2 - 3 months to receive offers from investors, and about 30  - 60 days to complete the paperwork, if an offer is accepted.   But, every client is different and the process can be a little shorter or longer, depending upon the circumstances.  If selling a term policy, we recommend starting at least 6 months prior to the end of the term to allow plenty of time for completion.

How can I receive more information about life insurance settlements​?​
Please feel free to call or email us if you would like to discuss a potential life insurance settlement situation,  have any questions or would like additional information.  We are delighted to help!
Text Adrian Myers (602) 692-2675


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