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Lisa, thank you so much for your guidance and professionalism in closing my first life settlement case!  This was a complex situation and you made it so clear for myself and my clients!  I would highly recommend you and the valuable service you provide!  Kim B. Insurance Professional

Lisa, the check arrived and I deposited it today.  In all my many hours of analysing, there is one huge thing that I completely overlooked:  it was the many hours I was spending.  Every month for the past 5 years, I had to make a decision about paying the premium.  I don't have to do that anymore.  I can spend time on other things.  And thanks for your kind gift basket.  My wife has already made good use of some of it.  You worked hard and helped me considerably. Tom W.  Client

I want to thank you so much for your help throughout the entire process. I really appreciate it. You made it relatively easy and straightforward, and I will recommend you to other advisors. Craig L. Financial Advisor & Client

Although I knew just enough about life settlements to be dangerous, working with you on my very first case made me look like a pro! You walked with my client and me every step of the way, guiding, directing, and advising. Each time we had a question or concern, you had the answer and were completely unflappable. Your knowledge, professionalism and expertise gave us the assurance we needed to commit to the process and follow it through to a highly successful end. My client couldn’t be more amazed and appreciative of the settlement she received on a policy she was just about to cancel. These funds have made it possible for her to concentrate on her health and not worry about finances and have made ALL the difference in her quality of life during this challenging time. Anna G. Insurance Professional

I can honestly say you were a pleasure to work with and extremely helpful.  Your frequent communication to keep me abreast of the progress was top notch and I am relieved to be free of the annual burden of a high premium.  Thank you for being both caring and professional. Ilene H. Client

I just wanted to take a few moments to say thank you. We received our funds today. Thank you for all your due diligence and keeping us informed every step of the way in this lengthy process. Your customer service is over the top and it is obvious it's because you actually care and like helping people. As a brain cancer patient this settlement will help me set my wife up and that's a peace of mind you can't put a price on. Again thank you. If I can refer anyone to you I will.  Jeff R. Client
Lisa was the only Life Settlement Broker that would work with me in finding a buyer for my Life Insurance Policy.  All the other Life Settlement Brokers and Companies I contacted said my Policy of $400,000 was too small or the Insureds Life Expectancy was too long and would not be worth their time to pursue a buyer on my behalf.  Lisa from the beginning spent significant time and effort to assist me in finding a buyer for the policy which I am so grateful.  Without her persistence I would still be paying a premium that has been increasing annually for the past 20 years to a point I could no longer afford and considered cancelling.  Lisa found a buyer that not only took over the premium payments relieving me from that burden but paid me some cash up front with a retained benefit as a 50% beneficiary for a certain number of years to possibly share in a future payout on the policy.  I highly recommend Lisa and will refer her to anyone I know that is looking to sell their Life Insurance Policy. Rick J Client

I’ve never encountered a service professional in any line of work as informative, responsive, and helpful as Lisa!From our first phone call when she took me through an overview of the process of selling our mother’s life insurance policy, to checking back in when we were in the optimal window to do so, to the final closing of escrow and verification of money deposited into our account, Lisa was clear, on my side, and available if I had any questions or concerns. Lisa has my highest recommendation and respect for her work! Robin M. Client

Working with Lisa was an absolute joy. She is one of the most professional women I have ever met. Her insurance knowledge and follow through provided resources I had no idea, until I met her, were available. I sold an insurance policy through Lisa and could not have done this without her coaching and continued communication with always accurate information. Thank you Lisa. China F. Client


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